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How to Get Started Getting started at 7Sultans Poker is easy. Just simply follow the steps that you will find here.

Game Rules

7Sultans Poker offers a number of exciting, fast-paced, and traditional poker games. You'll find all of the game rules, complete with a terminology dictionary, and tips for increasing your chances of winning here.

General Poker Terminology

Ante, Coffeehousing, Flop, Muck, Seventh Street, Small Blind?.. Click here to find out what these and other poker terms mean.

Hand Rankings

Been a while since you've played Poker, or you've never played before?

To help you, 7Sultans Poker has provided a list of the Hand Rankings so you can keep track of the value of your hand.


7Sultans Poker has one of the widest ranges of multi-player and one-on-one games available on the web today!

To find out more about our features and reasons why you should play Poker at 7Sultans Poker, click here.


Concerned about certain security, safety, and fairness issues with online poker?

We try to bring you peace of mind so you can understand certain issues associated with online gambling. Click here for more information.