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Making Deposits/Purchases
7Sultans Poker has found the most prominent, easy, convenient, and secure ways of purchasing your poker chips, to provide a hassle-free and safe gaming experience.
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You don't have to withdraw your winnings at the end of each session, which means you can accumulate your winnings! Your positive balance will automatically be saved in the system and will be available to you the next time you log on and play.

If you do want to withdraw, you can go to the "Bank" section in the poker room lobby, and select the "Withdrawal" option on the main banking screen. Then simply enter the amount of money that you wish to withdraw.

You have a variety options to withdraw your winning balance from your poker account.

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The rake is the money that is removed from each pot to pay the House. It is a variable structure dependant on the table limits - click here to read more.

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Money Laundering
Please note that in keeping with international anti-money laundering practice, we will immediately report any suspicious financial transactions with us to the relevant authorities.

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