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How to Withdraw Your Winnings

  • Withdrawal Payment Options

  • How to Select Your Preferred Payment Method

  • How to Withdraw

  • How to Reverse a Withdrawal

  • When you're ready to withdraw your winnings you'll find we have made the process as simple and user-friendly as possible.

    Please remember that you don't have to withdraw your winnings at the end of each session. You can leave your poker account with a positive balance, which will automatically be saved in the system and made available to you the next time you log in and play.

    Withdrawal Payment Options
    You are able to withdraw a positive balance in your Poker account and receive your money via one of the following payment options:

    Payment Option
    ECO Card
    Check (non-US only)

    How to Select Your Preferred Payment Method

    Every time you request a withdrawal, you will be asked to submit your Preferred Method of Payment.

    To ensure that your withdrawal is paid out to you using your choice of payment option, you need to ensure that these details are correct.

    Your original deposits will determine the portion of your withdrawal amount that will be refunded to your NETeller or Click2Pay Accounts. The remaining portion will be paid to you in the form your preferred method of payment.

    While we will do our utmost to pay your withdrawal using your preferred payment option, we reserve the right to pay out your winnings using the most viable option (in many cases this is a check).

    Please Note: Withdrawals are usually paid out in the following manner:

    1. The portion of the withdrawal less than or equal to the original purchase amount will always be refunded to the original purchase mechanism e.g. NETeller, Click2Pay etc.
    2. Thereafter, any additional balance owing to you will be paid out to the payment option you have selected.
    3. Please note that if you use any (future) deposit option/-s that grants instant gratification for your deposits, such as InstaDebit as a deposit option, your withdrawals will be subject to an eight (8) day pending period. Therefore we are only able to process your withdrawals eight (8) days after your deposit through this/these method/s.

      Please note that any future new deposit options that grant instant gratification for your deposits through these new deposit options, might be subjected to the eight (8) day pending period.

    How to Withdraw
    Please ensure that you have selected your preferred payment option as per the instructions above.

    To request a withdrawal:

    1. Open the poker software
    2. Click the 'Connect' button
    3. Click the 'Bank' button
    4. Click the 'Withdrawal' tab
    5. Enter the amount you want to Withdraw to complete the withdrawal process.

    Please Note:
    Each withdraw will remain on hold for 24 hours, allowing you the opportunity to reverse a withdraw back into your Poker account so that you can continue playing.

    While we will do our utmost to ensure that all withdrawals are paid out in the shortest possible time, certain factors beyond our control (such as limitations imposed by financial and/or banking institutions) may result in withdrawals taking longer than expected to reach your account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    How To Reverse a Withdrawal
    If you request a withdrawal, but change your mind within the 24-hour pending period, you can reverse the withdraw and continue playing with your credits.

    To reverse a withdrawal:
    1. Open the Poker software
    2. Click the 'Connect' button
    3. Click the 'Bank' button
    4. Click the 'Reverse Withdrawal' tab on the left hand side of the screen
    5. The screen will now display the sum of all pending withdrawals
    6. Enter an amount that you wish to withdraw or choose to reverse the entire withdrawal amount.
    Have any questions about withdrawing? Please contact us via phone (toll-free) or email, or ask us to call you - our friendly operators are standing by 24 hours a day.

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