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What is collusion?

Collusion occurs when two or more players work together as a team at the same table, with the unfair advantage of knowing each other?s cards and betting with this knowledge in order to maximize their team?s profits.

How do we keep track of collusion?

Unlike real card rooms, collusion is easier to detect and prevent online. This is thanks to the help of sophisticated software tools, which review each hand?s history and track suspicious activities over time. 7Sultans Poker uses sophisticated algorithms to identify, track and uncover collusion. Suspicious players are observed closely and their accounts closed immediately on proof of wrongdoing.

Should you suspect collusion between players, forward the game information to:[email protected]

Collusion destroys the integrity of any poker game, and any player attempting to collude will be put on an industry-wide list alerting all other casinos and poker rooms of inappropriate behavior.

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