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Welcome to 7Sultans Poker, the home of exciting, fast-paced and traditional poker games. Whether you feel like playing against 9 other people or just one-on-one we have games galore. And if it?s the thrill of a tournament you?re after we?ve got you covered with a wide choice of daily tournament action.

7Sultans Poker is an established, respected and trusted online poker site. Bound by high standards and principles, we assure you complete peace of mind enhanced by excellent support, security, integrity and customer service.

Find out more about our various policies, which protect you, here:

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Player Security, Privacy and Protection

Safe and Secure
Security is a top priority at 7Sultans Poker. We use an SSLv3/TLSv1 encryption algorithms as well as random number generation and the card shuffling is regularly reviewed by independent auditors. We are also pro-active in identifying fraudulent activity and make use of sophisticated collusion detection methods. Plus, all our security methods are reviewed and updated regularly to keep them on par with the rest of the world.

You can be assured that every precaution possible has been taken to ensure that your money is safe, secure and your transactions confidential. In fact, we have an entire player security team dedicated to making this happen.

Integrity and Trust
It is a common fear that the hold percentages (odds) at an online poker room can be manipulated by the companies that run them. To put your mind at rest, we assure all our players at our poker rooms that we do not control these odds. Ensuring complete fairness and reliability is Microgaming Systems, one of the largest and most respected suppliers of gaming software in the world.

You can count on us as 7Sultans Poker has a reputation for providing the best action, software and the highest levels of support and safety second to none. It?s an added comfort to you that an independent third party reviews our card shuffling.

Responsible Gambling
As with all other forms of gambling, online Poker was created as a form of leisure. Unfortunately, some players take gambling beyond the extremes and become compulsive gamblers. This has serious implications on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Here are a few 7Sultans Poker tips on how to make your gambling experience fun, exciting and without consequence, keeping gambling at bay. Firstly before you start, determine what constitutes an acceptable loss. Secondly, never gamble if you?ve had too much to drink; it interferes with your work or responsibilities; if you are under the legal gambling age; or if you are in recovery for addictive dependencies or disorders.

Privacy and Anti-Spam policies

Privacy and Communications Policy
In respect of our players? information, 7Sultans Poker maintains high standards and principles. All information provided by you is stored in a secure environment that is inaccessible to parties outside of the poker room and its affiliates. We promise never to give away, sell or otherwise communicate any of your details to any other persons or companies, except when necessary to provide you with the best products and services. Only upon request may we use your personal details to provide you with materials and information. The option is always available to unsubscribe or remove your information from the poker room database.

Regarding any issues or questions, please e-mail us on [email protected].

Spam Policy
What is Spam?
Any unsolicited e-mail is considered Spam and the sending of these e-mails is called ?spamming?. This usually means the sending of bulk e-mail batches, to parties who have not requested or subscribed to receive such e-mail.

On occasion ?spam? contains false headers which are devised to create enough interest to encourage the recipient to open the e-mail. Steps are often taken by ?spammers? to conceal the true origin of the e-mail by using various methods to display a non-existent or false source.

7Sultans Poker has a strict ?no-spam? policy. We endorse the CAN-SPAM Act and recognize that ?spamming? is a wrongful practice.

Real or for Fun
If you would like to learn the intricacies of the game without spending a cent, or just feel like experimenting a little, we have a solution for you - play as a Guest player with virtual money. This option allows you to get acquainted with the site, and the various games before you start playing for Real.

For debutant poker players we have a terminology dictionary, complete game rules and tips for increasing your winning. Veterans may even find this useful for brushing up on their skills.

When you?re ready to get serious, opt for the Real play option. Simply deposit your money into your casino account and start playing with the best of them.

You?ll never be bored with us. 7Sultans Poker offers some of the best 24-hour poker room action against real people from around the world.

Customer Service and Support
Our 7Sultans Poker support team is standing by 24/7/365 to address any issue you may have.

With millions of dollars wagered and thousands of players at 7Sultans Poker, you definitely won?t be the only person playing with us. However, our highly trained support staff will make you feel as though you are, because you are important to us.

Our game servers run non-stop throughout the year, virtually without disruption. This means no more freeze-ups! And in the rare case of a connection problem, we endeavor to do our best to be up and running in no time.

E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on our toll-free numbers.

Purchasing and Banking
At land-based casinos you get to see the money you win. We try to meet these expectations in the online world by paying back your original purchase into your credit card. The balance is then paid to you using a payment method of your choice.

If you?re worried about being paid your winnings, we assure you that thousands of players wager every day with us, many withdrawing significant amounts of money. We have an entire department dedicated to financial security making sure your money is paid to you as fast as possible.

For any queries regarding please e-mail our 24-hour support desk on [email protected]

Poker Software

?Real? Card Room Experience
With exciting and stunning animations and graphics, 7Sultans Poker games really make you feel like you?re sitting at a card room in Las Vegas! With the cards being dealt, players betting and folding, chips moving into the pot, and the winning player collecting his chips, the action makes for realistic poker.

The betting is easy to follow with clear chip placement for calling, raising, re-raising and capping, descriptive dealer text, active players lighting up, chatting, and sound effects.

Sophisticated Software
The 7Sultans Poker site operates using software developed by one of the most reputable and security-conscious gaming software providers, Microgaming Systems, ensuring you enjoy complete fairness and reliability. Independent auditors perform ongoing monthly reviews of all payout percentages and review the card shuffling embedded in the software. Plus, all our software is guaranteed to be virus-free when acquired from our website or CDs.


What is collusion?
Collusion occurs when two or more players work together as a team at the same table, with the unfair advantage of knowing each other?s cards and betting with this knowledge in order to maximize their team?s profits.

How do we keep track of collusion?
Unlike real card rooms, collusion is easier to detect and prevent online. This is thanks to the help of sophisticated software tools, which review each hand?s history and track suspicious activities over time. 7Sultans Poker uses sophisticated algorithms to identify, track and uncover collusion. Suspicious players are observed closely and their accounts closed immediately on proof of wrongdoing.

Should you suspect collusion between players, forward the game information to:[email protected]

Collusion destroys the integrity of any poker game, and any player attempting to collude will be put on an industry-wide list alerting all other casinos and poker rooms of inappropriate behavior.