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Sit and Go Rounder Tournaments

There will be five levels of tournaments known as the 'rounds'. Each set of Rounds will have a table of at least ten players.

How it works:

Players buy-in to Round One and are eliminated until two are left, and these two players are then freerolled into Round Two, a similar arrangement but with a higher buy-in.

Throughout the Round system, players who are prepared to pay the increasingly higher buy-in costs and avoid competing in the lower Round games can do so, "jump-starting" themselves into any particular Round.

There is also a freeroll "jump back" for one player at each Round, giving him or her the freeroll opportunity to replay a Round or go back a Round in order to attempt to win through again.

Round Two freerolls its top two players to Round Three in the same manner as Round One to Round Two. Similarly Round Three freerolls four players to Round Four.

In Round Four five players are freerolled to Round Five.

Round Five in each set is the crunch zone where the players compete for the main prizes, split among the top four players.

The buy-in and prize amounts for the tournaments are as follows:

Buy In Amounts Prize Amounts
Round Rounders Buy-in Prize Amounts Rounders
Round one $5+$0,50 First place $3,000
Round two $25+$2.50 Second place $1,200
Round three $112.50+$11.25 Third place $800
Round four $275+$27.50 Fourth place $500
Round five $550+$55 Places 5-10 Drop out

The following diagram illustrates the Rounder Tournament concept: